B is for Birthdays

Birthdays, whether its mine or someone else’s, have always been one of my favorite things.  But as a junior in college, a lot of my friends are turning 21, and these special days have never been so much fun.  From decorations to going out, today’s post will share some of my experiences from the past couple months.


The five girls I live with take turns decorating for each others’ birthdays. Banners, balloons, and streamers can go a long way to make the party even more fun!



Depending on your party environment, you may want to bring cupcakes to make them easier to eat and avoid the hassle of cutting the cake.  Instead of making plain cupcakes, try using ice cream cones as the base! Or add a little excitement to a plainly decorated cake by adding a number using a stencil and powdered sugar or sprinkles!


Best of all… there’s nothing like having your family and friends around on your birthday!

Follow my Pinterest Birthday board for even more great ideas!

Cheers! Happy celebrating.

{& a special happy 21st to one of the best friends there ever was, MQ}

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